I joined this website/forum to have some shared "shoulders" to help me thru the dark times....NOTHING!  Sorry, my time is too precious to waste any more.  At 70 & being very ill with several diseases & conditions I was hoping to have some communication with supportive people.

I have been the sole caregiver for my boyfriend {74}who had a heart attack lasting 5 days before going to the ER & having emergency stent placement & an immediate side effect of the new drug Brilinta causing a stroke right after, bad care in the hospital, no one noticing he had a stroke so no TPA so I refused to place him in any environment {SNIF or nursing home} where I couldn't have eyes on him 24/7.  

It has been very hard, depressing and lonely to be my age with my disabilities and take care of a man that outweighs me by more than 100 lbs while he is completely bedbound and on a special diet & live in a place with no stroke support groups & no one to help me.

Wish I could have had a better experience here.
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Hello, I joinedbecause I feel isolated and because I'm struggling. Don't give up
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Hello, I created the forum so stroke patients and caregivers could connect, but the activity has been sparse. There are other forums out there that are more frequently visited where you can connect. I'll try to get you a list of some of the more active forums.
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