My wife had a brain bleed stroke in 2008 it messed up one leg but can walk now but slow and her arm dont work but the problem is her mind and behavior and she has dementia but she acts like a kid sometimes had to leave my kids in texas to go to Tennessee to get my mother to help me with her and kids don't want to help me with her but my mom is getting to old to help me with her and want to move back to texas but i can't take care of her alone and work to i was always hopeing she would get better but seems like cant get any help is there anyone that has the same kind of problem that can tell me my options or were i can get some help tryed to find a nursing home for her in texas but having trouble because shes not already in texas and seeing a doctor and it cost more than i can afforded and dont know how i can take care of her and work to has anyone been in my kind of situation don't know if there's a cure for her or there's no help like everyone is telling me
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This website might help you find some answers:
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