Darrell E. Bradford
    I think, this would be a good platform to ask my queries here.

I mainly have to be clear of two doubts.

To start with, My father is a chain smoker. He has this habit from 2010. We tried our best for his recovery from that. But our efforts are in vain. Don't know what to do at this stage. Feel like hell in our home. Can someone help me with any solution?

Secondly, I read an article last day, which made me more tensed the other day. It describes the relationship between smoking and dental problems. In this article(http://www.discoverydental.com/blog/dental-health/relationship-smoking-dental-problems/), it says that the smoking habit creates dental problems? Do you think it's correct? Will it create problems as it is written in the article? Suggestions and opinions are required.

Praying that all the things get settled soon and we will have our life back. Every support and help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
"Back to life--"
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