I'm so happy to have found this site and its forums!

At age 58, I was the "picture of health"; didn't smoke, ate a decent diet, not only exercised but trained in the martial arts, and participated in bicycling events. My vital numbers where always well within acceptable ranges (BMI, Blood work, resting pulse,VO2 max, etc.)

My stroke event occurred on December 11, 2018 while at work. Fortunately, my fellow employees were fast acting and I found myself in an ER totally out of sorts. While I wasn't too weakened, my vision and hearing where deteriorating rapidly. My eyesight especially was limited to a narrow margin in my lower right visual scape. I think the shock of hearing the Doctor say I had had a stroke may have been as traumatic as the actual event. As with all of you, I was admitted, put through all the necessary tests. Come to find out that I had an issue with lipoprotein(A), or my body was making it's own cholesterol! I have as much as 50% blockage in my arteries at the base of my brain. I was given a medication regime to follow, not to reduce the already present plaque but to stop it's development.

But wait, there's more: During the tests it was also determined I had an "atrial septal defect" or a hole in the dividing wall (atrial septum) between the heart's 2 upper chambers (atria) in my heart from birth. I was scheduled for a PFO (patent foramen oval) procedure to correct the separation. My procedure was this past July 24 and it went well.

At age 60, it's been over a year. My hearing still has a constant ringing that's really only annoying when I'm trying to sleep. I'm still able to enjoy music, both playing and listening. My vision has improved enough that I can drive and function. Honestly, if you meet me and didn't know I had a stroke, you might not ever suspect it. I'm VERY fortunate with my physical post event abilities.

What is most concerning is I have come to realize is there's a "foggy-ness" that can invade my thought processes. I don't know how to describe it, it's not a zoning out, or a mental shutdown, just moments of lack of clarity. They seem random and not triggered by anything specific. I now am only able to work part-time and my business isn't what it used to be. (Of course the bills still are...) 

That's my story so far, I'm sticking to it...


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Hi Doug, I have a very similar experience - 58 fit as the butchers dog! Over night I had am infarction and lost 50 % of my vision. PFO and ASD soon located and patched. 2 years on new lease on life, retired from work and getting back to fitness. I too get mental challenges when remembering and organising things. I spend my rest periods doing Soducu and crosswords.  Numbers are no issue it's the cryptic questions I struggle with. I put all the recovery down to positive Mental Attitude. I am very very lucky and making the most of what i can do.  Good luck Mate !  Phil.
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