Adie Thompson
Good morning everyone:

My name is Adie. I am new to this forum. My husband had a stroke on March 5, of this year and I need any help that I can get.
He was discharged from the VA hospital on June 22. We have been home for 3 weeks this friday and I am already exhausted. I am his primary care giver. 

Thank you.
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Hi Adie, 

I am also new to this forum and a sole caretaker and am tired much of the time.  My bf had a 5 day heart attack, emergency stent placement {May 21} & placed on Brilinta & Coreg meds which caused extreme breathing probs, rushed back to hospital and while there, suffered a stroke {June 1}...and no one noticed!!  Stroke is a "side effect" of BRILINTA & no one warns the patients!

I have been caring for him by myself since he was released from the hospital on June 7th.   Yes, it is hard work for sure and dealing with the home PT, OT & nurses his insurance co sent is more work then he ever was.

How far along is your hubby's physical recovery?   I have gotten more progress from using a website called Flint Rehab, they explain everything very well and so we both understand why we must be relentless in all movement.

The VA rehab at Loma Linda {CA} has been very aggressively pushed at us by this home health care group as well a "SNF" but the VA is too far away from us & I don't trust any nursing homes, no matter what they call them!   In the early days after the stroke he could not be awakened as well as having the esophageal pocket & choking easy, possibly leading to aspiration pneumonia & I did not believe anyone at a SNF would watch him closely enough to prevent this.   We are hoping to get him into an advanced physical rehab but short of that in the next week I will be enrolling us into a local gym where I can further direct his rehab.

I am very proud of the strides he makes week in & week out & even the PT & OT say I am the main factor in his success so far.   We can do this Adie, hard work but we are obviously strong women & there are others out there that can boost us up so take a deep breath & write back to me please.   Maybe we can help each other with tips & tricks to forge ahead.    I can use info on recipes since I have had to learn to cook all over again, due to now CHF, diabetes, COPD, stroke, etc. I have to monitor fluids, sodium, potassium, carbs, protein, etc..    Are you giving hubby any supplements?   There are many that can help prevent muscle wasting & actually grow new lean muscle & provide extra protein if he is not eating very much, research Amino Acids.

Hoping to hear from you.   Virginia  
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