Hello my name is Charlotte Quinn, I suffered a big stroke in March 2011 it left me with left side weakness, I have some use in leg but have  to wear an afo to keep my ankle supported, I dont have any use of my left arm or hand due to a subluxation shoulder basically my shoulder partially dislocates which is very painful My speech came back relatively quickly along with my facial droop, but I did experience some distortion of sentences when speaking not so much now  some times I have difficulty in expressing how I feel mood wise and also if I have pain not always able to tell where the pain or what it feels like. I am 56 now, I lost my Husband John to leukemia in 2015 he was 20 years than me but a good he had been my sole carer until he passed away I now  have carers come 3 times a day. Sorry for rambling on, Ive never been on a forum before. Thankyou
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