Hello, my mom suffered multiple strokes and deteriorated quickly. We took care of her for awhile, but she got to the point where she couldn't walk. Her neurologist (who she hasn't even seen yet!) ordered that she be transferred to a local nursing home and is currently undergoing physical therapy. Her biggest problem is with balance, she feels as though she's falling backwards all of the time. I'm not sure exactly in her brain where the strokes occurred, but she hit the back of her head in one of her falls pretty severely. The area she hit is where the cerebellum is located, and this area still causes her pain. As far as the balance issues, she had physical therapy before she deteriorated, and it didn't help. The website mentioned about medication for balance issues. My worry is, if she doesn't get well enough to walk she won't be able to be released from the nursing home to see the neurologist. I feel she just won't get better unless her balance issues are treated with medication. What medications are given for balance issues? Just wondering if I could mention these to her family doctor to see if she can get some help. Just a year ago she was still working, and she is extremely depressed. The family has been scrambling to learn about stroke recovery and how to help her. Another issue she had was that her strokes weren't diagnosed properly until months after they happened. Anyway, I would appreciate any help or information regarding medication for balance issues. Thank you so much! Blessings, Melissa
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How is your mom doing? Was she able to improve her balance?
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