Did you know that their are exercise recommendations for individuals post stroke?  See link for detailed info (general recommendations from ASA for post stroke exercise are below link but always check with MD before starting any exercise program). Exercises can still be done with one side of body if you have hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of body).

Aerobic activity recommendation
3–5 d/wk

• 20–60 min/session (or multiple 10-min sessions)
• 5–10 min of warm-up and cool-down activities

Strength/endurance recommendation
1–3 sets of 10–15 repetitions of 8–10 exercises involving the major muscle groups at 50%–80% of 1RM

• 2–3 d/wk
• Resistance gradually increased over time as tolerance permits

Flexibility recommendation:
Static stretches: hold for 10–30 s
• 2–3 d/wk

Balance and coordination activities recommended 2-3d/wk

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Thank you for the info. It's really helpful. Please post more like this.
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