Dee Parrish
Hi everyone.  I am hoping some others are able to shed some light on a subject for me that I have struggled with.  A year after my mild stroke when I say something like "my fingers don't work today" or "I have trouble with my math memory" I am getting remarks from family members like "it's been a year ago you shouldn't still be complaining" or "oh, it was just a little stroke".  It's hurtful.  How do you deal with it?  
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I think you should definitely visit your gp. If that doesn't help maybe you should try physiotherapy. 

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Your Symptoms are still exist. You had a minor attack but in future you can suffer from a major attack if these problem still persist and you didn't care of these. You need to do a recent MRI to ensure that those clots are present or not. If you drink alcohol, stop it immediately. Alcohol can cause many issues with our health.
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