• Chiropractic Treatment After Accident

    My friend was drunk and met with an accident last week. Fortunately, he survived without severe injuries. But the next day, he felt severe neck pain....

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    Started by Kevinmlittle

  • Stroke Forums

    We've had trouble getting this stroke forum thriving. We'll continue to offer this service to aide anyone out there looking for help, but if you are...

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    Started by strokerehab

  • Where is everyone?

    I joined this website/forum to have some shared "shoulders" to help me thru the dark times....NOTHING! Sorry, my time is too precious to...

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    Started by RunesOfGaia

  • Physiotherapy for Trapped Nerve

    My name is Kevin. My brother is an athlete. Last year he met with an accident. After discharge from the hospital, he went to stroke rehab. And was...

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    Started by Kevinmlittle

  • Help

    Good morning everyone: My name is Adie. I am new to this forum. My husband had a stroke on March 5, of this year and I need any help that I can get....

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    Started by Adie Thompson

  • Care homes for stroke patients

    Hi, My brother is 59 and we found out that he has had dozens of small stokes over the last year or so. He currently lives alone in a trailer park. ...

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    Started by tsegel

  • Stroke

    My wife had a brain bleed stroke in 2008 it messed up one leg but can walk now but slow and her arm dont work but the problem is her mind and...

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    Started by George15195

  • Oral hygiene a must?

    Hi, Can you suggest me some tips to improve the hygiene which I think it's good for the health. My kids need more care on this. Is it good to go...

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    Started by William Blalock