• Sleep

    by Tracey6769: hi I had a stoke 4 months ago and even though I get exhausted during the day I have problems sleeping at night

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    Started by Tracey6769

  • Jejj Is my name

    by rossville1963: recently had a minor brain stem stroke. Question is about double vision. My right eye isparfect and so is my left eye wnen I view each separately. ...

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    Started by rossville1963

  • introduction-Rick P

    by Rick P: First post Looking to exchange information or share experiences using Botox injection treatments coupled with therapy to fight upper arm spacicity. ...

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    Started by Rick P

  • Introduction

    by Maureen: Hello, Thank you for accepting me into this forum. my name is Maureen okoduwa. I am an Occupational Therapist. I am very interested in the rehab of...

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    Started by Maureen

  • New member from Toronto

    by Darrell E. Bradford: Hi, Thanks a ton for accepting me to the forum. Take this as a good opportunity to discussion and learn about the various diseases. Hope you guys...

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    Started by Darrell E. Bradford

  • dbroni

    by dbroni: hi everyone, my name is David Broni. I am a stroke survivor. For six yrs now. live in Mass.

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    Started by dbroni

  • Hi

    by William Blalock: Hi, It feels good to join. Would like to learn more things and get updated. Thanks in advance

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    Started by William Blalock

  • New Stroke Rehab Forum

    by strokerehab: Hi all. The old stroke rehab forum posts were deleted due to the hosting provider for that forum shut down. We now have a new host. Please feel free...

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    Started by strokerehab